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Welcome to Hunt Country, and a tradition as authentic, magnificent, and exhilarating as you’ll find anywhere in the world.  A tradition that began in Metamora in 1928, when the Grosse Point Foxhunt and the Bloomfield Open Hunt began looking for the perfect site to expand their Hunt territory, develop countryside primarily for the sport, and escape the onslaught of suburban growth. Someplace accessible, and scenic, that provided plenty of natural cover, with enough land to ensure that a live fox hunt (and not just a drag) could flourish for decades and decades. Exactly what Metamora still offers today, and what The Metamora Hunt is all about. Sport, camaraderie, incredible scenery, horses and hounds, and an experience you won’t soon forget.

And right next door is one of Metamora’s original Hunt Boxes: now called the Crooked House Farm. Where foxhunters and foxhunting enthusiasts can once again come, watch, learn, gather, go fox hunting, share a brandy, and the stories of the day.

As for horses, Janine, the proprietor of Crooked House Farm will be happy to help you arrange for hirelings (experienced foxhunters you can lease), as well as provide overnight stabling; either on the premises (where there’s room for up to four horses), or at a suitable farm nearby.

So whether you’re an animal lover who just wants to stop by the kennels to meet our foxhounds and tour our stables, a rider, or a nature enthusiast - new to Fox Hunting, or a veteran of a visiting hunt, come out and join us. Opening day is particularly colorful, but any hunt is fun. We generally offer three Fields per meet, so there’s something for everyone. Beginners or those with inexperienced horses can take it slowly with our Hill-Toppers group. Somewhat more seasoned horses and riders who would prefer not to jump will enjoy riding with our Gate.  And those who want to experience the thrill of the chase from the front row, complete with stone walls and coops, are welcome to join our Field.  

You’re also welcome to attend a variety of special events hosted by the Metamora Hunt throughout the year. Including our Hunter Pace, our annual Metamora Barn Tour, Earth Day, our Hunter Trials, our Landowners Picnic and Annual A-Show at Win-A-Gin, our annual black tie Hunt Ball, and much much more.

For more information about the times and locations of our meets, our special events, or any questions concerning habitat preservation or trail setting please call the Hunt Kennels at 810-678-2711 and talk to the Huntsman. Or click on www.metamorahunt.com.  (FYI: Foxhunting in Metamora is not a blood sport. We strive to preserve the fox in our area)